Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy First Birthday Bonaparte!

Boney with his "lion" look going on
Bonaparte is One Year Old! On May 15th of this year our little love turned one year old! We had a wonderful celebration that evening with new friends coming for dinner and Boney was the star of the party. We took him in to the vet for a weigh in and he’d actually lost some weight since March! He weighs 7.4 right now.

He got a happy birthday text and photo from one of his brothers, Livingston, who we are going to see next week!
Brother Livingston on their birthday!

Boney's "Gandolf" look

On a boat ride!

With new friend Nolwen, who he adores

Okay, enough already. Time for a nap...


Yeah, you only think you're driving!

 Boney loves to travel, loves his friends Ruben and Frank, loves to be in the yard with us, and is learning to stay with me whenever we go out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONAPARTE!! We love you dearly.

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  1. Cute dog. Miss having a dog any more but not in an apartment.


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