Sunday, April 13, 2014

Closing In On Two Years...

Okay, haven't been here in awhile but now have a moment to drop some photos by of the still scruffy Bonaparte! He's a little over eight pounds now and that seems to be his full adult weight. He listens well, loves walks and chasing anything that moves in our yard. He sleeps like a baby at night and entertains us during the waking hours. He's discovered that we tend to drop crumbs and other sorts of food during preparation time in the kitchen and loves to scarf up whatever he can find, except celery, or spinach. He loves carrots and almost anything crunchy. He's loving and fun and we adore every single day with him...
He'll sleep anywhere but loves it next to us best

New carrier so I can ride a bike with him or walk in crowded places

With our daughter and her fiance

Sleeping on the couch next to me

With my new goofy pjs

In the kitchen playing around with me and my new "piggy" pants. Pigs all over them!

In Blue Ridge, GA, with Boney's female look-alike! We couldn't believe it!

Bonaparte in all his glory

Do I have to get up now?

With Jim a great friend...

This is what I do while mom is working...

Oh joy you're home! And in a new car too!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy First Birthday Bonaparte!

Boney with his "lion" look going on
Bonaparte is One Year Old! On May 15th of this year our little love turned one year old! We had a wonderful celebration that evening with new friends coming for dinner and Boney was the star of the party. We took him in to the vet for a weigh in and he’d actually lost some weight since March! He weighs 7.4 right now.

He got a happy birthday text and photo from one of his brothers, Livingston, who we are going to see next week!
Brother Livingston on their birthday!

Boney's "Gandolf" look

On a boat ride!

With new friend Nolwen, who he adores

Okay, enough already. Time for a nap...


Yeah, you only think you're driving!

 Boney loves to travel, loves his friends Ruben and Frank, loves to be in the yard with us, and is learning to stay with me whenever we go out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONAPARTE!! We love you dearly.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Eleven Months Old Today!

Boney in his bed in our room 4-13
Bonaparte turned 11 months old today! Almost a full year old. Wow. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. We found Bonaparte and invited him into our lives when he was ten weeks old, so we still have some time to go before he’s been with us for a full year. But even so it feels like we’ve had him for only a little while, not almost a full year!
With me
He’s grown, probably to his full size which is now 7.6 pounds. He might be a bit more than that, but not more than eight pounds. He is still scruffy looking, but soft and full of life. Appropriately named Bonaparte, a little body with a big ego, we’ve finished with our “intermediate” training classes and are debating if we’ll do anymore. Mostly my goal for us is for him to come EVERY time I call, and to stay beside me when we walk, oh, and to stop barking when it’s inappropriate. I don’t really care for him to do tricks. He sits, waits, leaves it, drops it, “go get it” meaning he fetches and brings whatever he fetches back to me. So he’s doing really well. Every day when we go to get the mail, he knows to stay with me, and where we are going. He doesn’t run off, and comes when I call him back to the house. Now if we can get that good while on walks around the neighborhood, I’ll be happy.
He loves to go and play at Frank and Ruben’s house and was so happy we house sat them this weekend. He and Ruben especially love to rollick and pounce on one another. We’re glad Boney likes other dogs.
With Geoffrey, his favorite man
Before Christmas 2012 in my father's room with his hat on
The rest of this will be photos of the little one. Hope you enjoy!

Sleeping in my Dad's car waiting for me

My scruffy men!!

Yes, I love you too, Bonaparte

Chez Giles and Susan, with Chantal, Giles and Papa

I know you're leaving so I'm hiding

On a boat ride! 4-13

On the porch with Papa

It's raining. I'm sleepy

Frank, Ruben and Boney played hard today 4-13

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bonaparte's First Christmas Holiday

It's COLD up here! With Sue
Boney boy has gotten even more cute! How, you ask, is this possible? I don’t know but it is so true. He had a raucous and exciting first Christmas! We went up to North Carolina to spend time with the family and had a wonderful time. Boney was happy to reacquaint with his pal Louis and to meet new people. So this post will mostly be photos to "show-not-tell" about his first Christmas holiday and the folks he visited and those who came to see him!
Great gift from Ruben & Frank, and Brad & Nancy
Louis! (Looie, like the french say)

With Dorian
Wth Tristan on Christmas Day

Too cute!
With Cat, my sister
With Geoffrey, Archie & Greg Christmas Day at the Laurels

Heading home on Christmas day with Devon

Keeping warm with me

Friday, December 21, 2012

Seven Months Old and Still Adorable

First pitiful photo with the dreaded cone.

Oh we’re having so much fun! Well, at least most of the time… So many things have happened this last month or more. A drastic change in Bonaparte’s life happened when we took him in to have him “fixed.” But first the news!
Boney is seven months old and weighs 6.6 pounds! He is longer, as is his fur in some places and it is growing in white on his head. So now he has more of an apricot look to him than red.
On our trip back from Thanksgiving in North Carolina we stopped in to visit Boney’s original household, our friends who live near Atlanta who gave us our lovely little pup. He was able to play with both brothers and we all had a great time comparing the three. Boney is most assuredly the fuzziest, while Winston is the shyest and Livingston a great mix of them all, a bit fuzzy and starting to get white also, while still having the shorter-haired look of Winston.
Helping "papa" with electricals
Used to it now.
Almost as big as he is!
Now on to the biggest event. While visiting our near-Atlanta friends we humans talked about the fact that none of them, at 6 months, seem to have their testicles.  Upon our return home I called the vet and talked to her about that. When she heard that NONE of them had “dropped,” she said it could be hereditary, or not, but probably because of their age and the no-shows all round, best to get them out while Boney is young. So we did. Took him in, picked him up in the afternoon to find they’d had to do major surgery on the little guy. His two little no-shows had chosen to tuck themselves way up by his kidneys and there wasn’t a chance in you-know-where that they’d come down this late on their own. So we had a cone-headed puppy for almost two weeks! He adapted. He wasn’t happy, but didn’t really understand what was going on or why he had to wear the cone, which is called an “E-Collar” by the way. And for those of you who love trivia, it’s called an “E-Collar” because….? Did you guess? I never would have. Because the “real” name for them is “Elizabethan Collar.” Really? Yes! So of course it’s easier to say “E-Collar.” Why not cone? Which is what it actually looks like.
He had puppy drugs for pain and anti-bi’s. I overdosed him the first night at 3 in the morning, called the vet in a panic, but he didn’t die! Thank goodness. He didn’t need any drugs after the first two days. He was hilarious to watch walking. He had to bob his head from side to side. He kept trying to sniff the ground and couldn’t. He had to learn to back up a lot at first because he couldn’t judge how big the cone was. By the time it came off he was almost his usual little masterly self again.
After first bath in 10 days!

So anyway, Boney couldn’t fit in his crate to sleep with the cone around his neck. We tried one night of it and he was a more-than-usual miserable puppy. So he slept in the bed with me in the guest room. Then we migrated back to the communal bed and he still slept like an angel.  So, I bet you can guess what comes next, yes. He is still sleeping with us a week later! Oh well. We’ll see how it goes. The ONLY part that’s a pain is he is better than any alarm clock. Right around 7 am he is wide awake, alert and enthusiastic about going out to pee. Even on the weekends! It is better than him doing it in the bed, but I DO miss sleeping in.
Now this is more like it!!!
Enough on this post! So long compared to the last one, but like I said, so much has happened! We all wish you ALL Merry Holidays, Happy Christmas, and Peace and Compassion in the new year to come.