Monday, April 15, 2013

Eleven Months Old Today!

Boney in his bed in our room 4-13
Bonaparte turned 11 months old today! Almost a full year old. Wow. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. We found Bonaparte and invited him into our lives when he was ten weeks old, so we still have some time to go before he’s been with us for a full year. But even so it feels like we’ve had him for only a little while, not almost a full year!
With me
He’s grown, probably to his full size which is now 7.6 pounds. He might be a bit more than that, but not more than eight pounds. He is still scruffy looking, but soft and full of life. Appropriately named Bonaparte, a little body with a big ego, we’ve finished with our “intermediate” training classes and are debating if we’ll do anymore. Mostly my goal for us is for him to come EVERY time I call, and to stay beside me when we walk, oh, and to stop barking when it’s inappropriate. I don’t really care for him to do tricks. He sits, waits, leaves it, drops it, “go get it” meaning he fetches and brings whatever he fetches back to me. So he’s doing really well. Every day when we go to get the mail, he knows to stay with me, and where we are going. He doesn’t run off, and comes when I call him back to the house. Now if we can get that good while on walks around the neighborhood, I’ll be happy.
He loves to go and play at Frank and Ruben’s house and was so happy we house sat them this weekend. He and Ruben especially love to rollick and pounce on one another. We’re glad Boney likes other dogs.
With Geoffrey, his favorite man
Before Christmas 2012 in my father's room with his hat on
The rest of this will be photos of the little one. Hope you enjoy!

Sleeping in my Dad's car waiting for me

My scruffy men!!

Yes, I love you too, Bonaparte

Chez Giles and Susan, with Chantal, Giles and Papa

I know you're leaving so I'm hiding

On a boat ride! 4-13

On the porch with Papa

It's raining. I'm sleepy

Frank, Ruben and Boney played hard today 4-13


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    1. Thanks so much Patricia! I'll head over and see what I need to do!!!


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